• What does Boot camp mean exactly?

Boot camp is a more modern, more precise and, especially, more enjoyable form of training similar to the training experienced by soldiers, which is based on intensive drills composed of simple physical movements. This form of training is very popular in the USA. Boot camp is a 6-week cycle of physical conditioning taking place 3x per week in the mornings from 6:45 – 7:45. Hanka Dvorská's Boot camp not only concentrates on forming and conditioning your body while increasing your performance, but also on team work, pleasure out of movement and exercising, and overall enjoyment during your training. Additionally, taking part in the Boot camp training program you will learn about effective nutrition and eating habits, etc. If that is still not enough for you, at Boot camp you might even meet your future partner ;) Further info here

  • I'm not in shape and I fear that I won't be able to keep up.

Have no fear. Boot camp participants are always divided into teams according to their capacity. Moreover, during training, each instructor aims to select forms of exercise and exertion that all participants will be able to manage even though you will often approach your limit. Boot camp is a challenge which you can conquer! You will never have to exert yourself more than you would be able to cope with. You will be motivated and inspired by your instructors as well as between yourselves. Boot camp is about self-reflection, enjoyment and pleasure from movement and life!

  • May women train as well?

Most definitely. Boot camp does not differentiate between gender. Furthermore, you will have the wonderful opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

  • Why should I participate and train in Boot camp?

Training and completing the Boot camp will dramatically increase your physical and mental condition. Moreover, you will meet new friends with similar desires – to enjoy life and have a healthy body and mind. When your daily dose of exercise ends, you will have burnt off calories even before the rest of the world wakes up and head into you day with a rush of natural energy!!

  • Should I begin to train or exercise even before I commence Boot camp?

No. We have clients who are in great shape and others who don't even do sports. Every participant is individually taken care of. Simply said, we will begin to build your physical condition from your current state. The only thing we require is that you undertake the training with maximum effort.

  • What results can I expect after completing Boot camp?

After completing Boot camp, new clients can expect a 20-25% improvement and growth in strength and stamina. Moreover, from experience, we know that your overall physical condition and agility will improve. Regular exercise will develop your perseverance, increase your mental capabilities, aid in a better sleep, and you will cease to complain about stiff muscles and joints. Overall you will feel fit and energetic and this will enhance your self-confidence. Most clients are shocked at their great progress after completing the program. There is one condition: you must persevere till the end!

  • Is some form of Boot camp manual available?

“I've been asked on numerous occasions to write up a manual on how to exercise, maintain an effective nutritional diet and maintain overall youth and vitality. My reply to this is: COMFORT GAINED THROUGH DISCOMFORT”Hanka Dvorská.

  • What do I need to take with me and what type of clothing do you recommend?

Any type of clothing that will make you feel comfortable and will not inhibit movement, preferably sportswear. In winter (when training outside) we recommend thermal base layer clothing that will keep you warm and dry, a second (mid layer) with long sleeves, and a comfortable jacket and pants, beanie (cap), gloves and sport shoes. In summer and in the gymnasiums a t-shirt, shorts, and sports shoes suffice. For showering, typical hygiene products. Also, bring a bottle of water and a cheerful spirit with you for the training session.

  • May I start Boot camp in the middle of a cycle that has commenced?

Most definitely. The price will be adjusted according to the date when start Boot camp

  • Is it possible to receive a refund for training sessions missed?

No. The fee is similar to the principle of school fees: no refund for missed lessons.

  • Where do Boot camp training sessions take place?

Training takes place primarily in natural surroundings. It has been proven that training outside increases the functioning of the cardiovascular system, increases strength as well as the overall agility of the body. In the winter months, we utilise gymnasiums and other sporting grounds in the centre of Prague. The majority of training in winter takes place in Tyršuv Dum, Újezd 450, where the first session takes places as well. More info here

  • How often will we meet and how long are the sessions?

Training take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6:45 to 7:45 for the duration of 6 weeks. You MUST arrive on time for every session! We recommend you arrive 15 minutes earlier.

  • Who are the instructors?

Training is conducted under the guidance of professional instructors which rotate according to the content of the session. More info about us here

  • What forms of exercise are incorporated in Boot camp?

The composition of individual sessions throughout the duration of Boot camp can be found here. The technique, execution and especially combination of individual exercises in the program was developed by Hanka Dvorská and she is living proof that the program works.

  • When does the next Boot camp start?

The dates of individual Boot camp and other programs can be found here. We are currently accepting applications for our next Boot camp. Do not hesitate and apply!

  • How much does it cost?

Actual price information can be found here

  • When do I have to pay?

You can pay via bank transfer to our account or in cash at the first training session.

  • I would like a gift voucher, how to I obtain one and how does one utilise it?

You can present the gift voucher to anyone that you care about. It is then up the the receiver of the voucher when they decide to utilise it. To obtain a gift voucher please complete the order form, send the requirement to info@sportujme.cz or order one via our info line 777 062 699. We will reply and arrange all details. More about the gift voucher here.

  • How do I apply/ or send an application?

To apply for Boot camp simply complete the application form and send it to info@sportujme.cz , or alternatively call +420 777 062 699

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