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Do you feel yourself ageing? Do you feel your physical and mental condition deteriorating? Lack of self-esteem? Don't give up and finally do something about it, you only live once!

Boot camp – a dynamic, team based, outdoor/indoor fitness program undertaken in 6-week cycles, suitable for all. It comprises of one of the most effective solutions to – in a relatively short space of time – considerably improve your physical and mental condition.

Boot camp:

  • intensive 6-week cycle of training, based on simple physical movements executed with great intensity.

  • training is 3x per week, always from 6:45 – 7:45

  • 10-20 participants in every cycle

  • combination of strength and dynamic training motivating one to further improved results

  • litres of sweat, hard work, and great fun

  • definite improvement of your condition with the most effective use of time and workload

  • visible results already after 6 weeks

Being a part of a Boot camp cycle you will gain:

  • an improved physical condition

  • an improved balance of mind

  • a means how to maintain and harmonise a healthy body, mind and soul

  • a healthy self-confidence

  • new friends

  • the image of a modern and healthy individual


Who leads the Boot camp training?

Training led by the best Czech stunt woman, Hana Dvorská, will change your life. Under Hana's professional guidance you will reach the depths of your physical and mental strength. This effort will definitely bring you many positive returns. More in the section “About us”

Where does Boot camp take place?

Training takes place primarily in natural surroundings. It has been proven that training outside improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, increases strength as well as the overall agility of the body. In the winter months, we utilise gymnasiums and other sporting grounds in the centre of Prague. More in the section “Location”

For whom is Boot camp suitable?

Boot camp is suitable for both women and men with varying degrees of current physical conditions: from beginners to regularly sporting individuals. Our instructors choose the most effective load and intensity for you, and they will continually guide, motivate, and encourage you to reach your goals.

Additionally, with us you will have an amazing time and meet new friends with whom you will be able to share your feelings and goals – experience the joy of life, greater self-confidence and a strong and healthy body. “It's hardcore, but it works!” - this is what you will hear from participants of Hana Dvorská's Boot camp.

“Stop entertaining false feelings that you are doing something for yourselves. Your regular exercise regime is rather amusing. You have spent years clambering on gym equipment in fitness centres and

unenthusiastically peddling on your stationary bike at home. However, one always finds a reason why now there is no time to exercise. You experience back pain and the kilograms just keep on piling. Boot camp is the best way to get back into form and well-being! Will it be hard? YES, but not impossible. Boot camp guarantees results. After the first half of the camp you will begin to note changes, and upon completion your friends will want to know your secret...” Hanka Dvorská

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