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Carefully read the 49 reasons below why one should do sports. Sport:

  1. regulates blood pressure, improves blood circulation
  2. decreases your pulse rate
  3. is the most effective form of cardiovascular training (decreases the chance you'll die during sex)
  4. has no age limitations
  5. increases your vital lung capacity thus more effectively providing your body with oxygen
  6. deceases your cholesterol level
  7. thanks to sport you'll be more agile
  8. develops and strengthens various muscle groups
  9. strengthens ligaments and nerves (at the age of 80 that's all you'll have anyways)
  10. improves posture and muscle co-ordination (viz §)
  11. reduces and removes back pain
  12. eliminates headaches (you'll save on headache tablets)
  13. improves metabolism
  14. strengthens your immune system
  15. releases endorphins
  16. increases your pain tolerance (when you get hit in the nose by a door, you won't even notice)
  17. you'll be indulging in an intelligent drug
  18. you'll look and feel great
  19. you'll lose weight (say goodbye to the Michelin tyre around your stomach)
  20. evokes a state of euphoria and relaxation
  21. you'll be the head of the family (finally)
  22. reduces stress more easily
  23. aids in a better sleep
  24. relieves you from boredom
  25. increases mental reaction (soon you'll realise you aren't still 20)
  26. inspires
  27. you will be able to do something for charity (i.e. the Terry Fox charity run against cancer)
  28. leads to rationalism
  29. increases your ability to achieve
  30. improves your memory (finally you'll never forget your partners' birthday)
  31. forces you to test both you physical and mental limits (and you'll feel great about it)
  32. you won't have a problem wearing revealing clothes
  33. strengthens your self-confidence
  34. provides you with answers (remember Forrest Gump?)
  35. increases your sex appeal
  36. inhibits depression
  37. teaches you to overcome obstacles (for example during hurdles)
  38. is addictive (and you wont get fat by doing it)
  39. makes you realise you should quit smoking (if you belong to the group of smokers, you'll soon realise that you can't live without the ability to breath, not to mention doing sports)
  40. changes your life for the better
  41.  you'll meet interesting people (ie. Hanka and Martin)
  42. you finally have a healthy reason to get out of the house (a good excuse to leave your house whenever you need to)
  43. you'll enjoy your holidays even more (be honest, vegetating on the beach is quite boring)
  44. people will envy you (especially at your 30 year high school reunion)
  45. you'll be able to make a quick getaway from a fight (for men)
  46. you'll be a hero for your partner (when you go for a run in the pouring rain)
  47. you'll save money (stop smoking, booze less and eat less)
  48. meet the girl/boy next door (try running regularly, one day it's bound to work)
  49. you'll have the privilege of meeting Hanka Dvorská:)
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