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  • Movement is a natural aspect of life, that is why all exercises in Boot camp are founded on simplicity in execution. The training is developed from movement experienced in everyday life whether in nature, in the terrain, or in the city.
  • Training in Boot camp is focused on increasing overall bodily prowess and the harmonic development of all bodily abilities, i.e. strength, speed, stamina and flexibility.
  • To participate in Boot camp you don't need any prior or special training, or any other preparation since all necessary elements are contained in the program of our course.


The training structure of Boot camp is composed using variations of the following exercises:

  • circular training/on-the-spot training using one's own body, in pairs or with simple equipment
  • conditional training accompanied by music
  • hurdles or obstacle training
  • exercising in teams with varying levels of resistance
  • team races
  • simple agility and flexibility exercises
  • running
  • game sessions

(every session is complete with warm-up exercises prior to training and stretching at the end)


Bonus for clients of Hanka Dvorská's Boot camp – you will meet with unique individuals from numerous sporting disciplines who will divulge their training plan and you will be able to train with them!

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