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  • If you really want to start doing something about yourself, don't habour on the thought too long and leap into action and join us. You will see, either you stay or you don't. It is a fee choice for everyone.
  • If you leave from the camp, there is no point in thinking about your lifestyle in this direction. Ultimately, you were not completely decided to change the way you feel. Rather play board games, read interesting literature, and work. Sooner or later you will attain the need to do regular exercise.
  • If you decide to stay with us, you don't have to think about it too hard. We will prepare and organise everything for you, and gradually you will begin to change your stereotypical lifestyle, and prior physical activities which you you used to undertake with intense self-persuasion will suddenly appear very simple and enjoyable.
  • You will cease to suffer from the dieting craze and finally have a good whole-hearted meal
  • Remember, sex-appeal is the result of self-confidence which you will gain throughout the training process!
  • You will never be bored again!
  • It's better to wear out than rust out!
  • You will have the feeling that you will be great, if you feel like sick: no pain, no gain!
  • Your tolerance for pain will gradually increase!
  • You will learn to persevere even through the hardest of tasks!
  • You will look forward to every training session.
  • You wont be a weakling!


 “Stop entertaining false feelings that you are doing something for yourselves. Your regular exercise regime is rather amusing. You have spent years clambering on gym equipment in fitness centres and unenthusiastically peddling on your stationary bike at home. However, one always finds a reason why now there is no time to exercise. You experience back pain and the kilograms just keep on piling. Boot camp is the best way to get back into form and well-being! Will it be hard? YES, but not impossible. Boot camp guarantees results. After the first half of the camp you will begin to note changes, and upon completion your friends will want to know your secret...” Hanka Dvorská

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