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Hanka Dvorská's Boot camp exists in numerous variations since 1990. Thanks to her abundant experience in the world of sport and professional training of renowned athletes and individuals from international show business, she is able to offer you the most effective method how to regain your strength, health and youth in a relatively short space of time.



Currently, our team consists of professionals with top level experience in numerous sporting disciplines, experts in nutrition, relaxation and other specialists. We offer a solid team of professionals who are prepared to aid you in reaching your ultimate goals.


Mgr. Hanka Dvorská

hanka mala origGuardian of the program, professional stunt woman, sportswoman in both body and mind. Instructor in the following fields: aerobics, spinning, skiing, snowboarding, parachutism, and climbing. Hanka has competed in numerous survival races, is also an external member of the Faculty of Physical Eduction and Sport, and a mother of 2 children. To find more about about Hanka (not only from the TV programmes where she has performed), click here.


Ing. Martin Gabla

martin maly origGuardian of the program, one of the most all-round and versatile sportsman that you will meet. Martin represents the Czech Republic in parachutism, is a ski instructor, competes in various marathons and triathlons. Under his guidance and after completing the program, you will venture towards realising you adrenaline dreams and experience awesome adventures in the sky, on the ground, on and under the sea.


Mgr. Emil Franěk

emil maly origEmil is an extremely experienced trainer of national women parachutism teams both in the Czech Republic and overseas. Emil loves adrenaline sports, is a courageous base jumper and a sensitive and understanding psychologist.




Ing. Lukáš Matys

Lukas is an all-round sportsman; World Quadriathlon Champion; swimming, triathlete, snowboard and fitness instructor; and sports club manager. His love for sport is highly contagious!


Mgr. Adéla Lislerová

Adelá enriches Boot camp with her exuberant experience from camps in Asia. She is a pedagogue, masseuse and a woman that will caress your soul. And even more, she is a mountain climber.


Support team

Numerous external collaborators from the sports and science fields work with the Boot camp program.


  • l The Boot camp program, thanks to its uniqueness and originality, is the only one of a kind in the Czech Republic! Boot camp was founded by people who have physical training education and have received a diploma from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University.
  • As an association we can provide you with , in addition to the the specialised Boot camp training, complex sport-education programs, including activities such as skydiving, paragliding, mountaineering and climbing, and many other activities for individuals as well as groups.
  • Thanks to our close cooperation with the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University, we are able to offer professional services in physical education and training which we are continually aiming to perfect, including the application of new trends in the field.


Hanka Dvorská and her team will ensure that not only will you reach your goals but simultaneously enjoy yourselves while attaining them!


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