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boot camp

Attaining a greater physical and mental condition is the main objective in all forms of exercise. Boot Camp, however, fundamentally differs in form. It's not your typical sterile, solitary, fitness-centre activity. It's based, rather, on team spirit and mutual support during exercise. You will be drawn out of your shell into an amazing world were you will meet with friends and real life. You will not writhe in agony from over-exertion, but live every second to the maximum when training at Boot Camp!


Do you want more exercise?


For all of you who would like to bleed sweat other than during the morning trainings, we offer you the opportunity to liberate yourself with us at other times. We will tackle the mountains, jump from a plane, go cycling, enjoy the freedom of running...more info here.



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  • get self-confidence
  • strengthen your body
  • harden your psyche
  • surpass laziness
  • be nice and healthy


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