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Do you run?

Have you ever run for a full 60 minutes?

Have you ever run for 60 minutes 5 days in a row?


  • for those who want to improve their stamina and condition or just lose the tyre around their stomach, we offer a true hour of running
  • we will run daily, and not only on Petřín
  • runners will be divided into 3 groups according of their speed
  • it will be hard, but it will bring results


3 conditions for success: defined goal




Further info

- price of the course: CZK 900,- (5 sessions from Monday to Friday)

- minimal amount of participants: 15

- dates: 16.6. - 20.6. 2008

             27.10. - 31.10. 2008

- to apply, send your application to


gift certificate

  • get self-confidence
  • strengthen your body
  • harden your psyche
  • surpass laziness
  • be nice and healthy


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